Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nexus One: First 24 Hour Review!

This is my first 24hr with the phone review! Not a full one! So, I'm in phone heaven right now. The Nexus One has not failed to deliver. So let's jump right in with some pictures, and for the first time ever I did a video for a blog. (Coming soon)

(Before it was revealed)

(Nexus One with case)

(Back of Phone with case)

(Top of the phone where power button and headphone jack is located)

(Bottom of phone where charging slot is located)

(The Beast is awoken)

What I loved so far?
-The processing speed is amazing since I was on a laggy G1 and slightly better MyTouch prior to this.
-The physical make up of the phone is great too, not too wide or heavy. (Easily comparable to an iPhone)
-Live wallpapers are amazing and the updated UI
-News and weather app are nice, no more Weatherbug or RSS feed app
-No problems with my 3G service, knock on wood!
-The camera has flash and the different modes.
-The keyboard is better to use with the bigger screen
-The five screens, and it might be a little too much for me!
-Battery life is great when you factor in how much things the phone runs.

Not favoring?
-Definitely the way to wake up the phone is by hitting the power button on the top. Since I'm used to hitting menu on a G1 or MT3G, I'll have to get used to this.
-No camera button on the sides, but there it's preset to have it on one of the screens.
-No Screen protector came along with it, but I bought one.

Looks like pros out did the coming soon!

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